by Dr. Ed Young

#356 January 8, 1984 PM

(Part 2)
Romans 3:23-24

I thought we never would get justified this morning. Had a rough meal today.

My wife was kind. Older son Ed and Lisa and his wife was kind. But my son

Ben, who's home from Baylor, he was kind of tough on me. Glad you came back.

You think we can get thro.ugh Romans 8 tonight without any problem? You

think they'd have any ... Open your Bibles. Romans, Chapter Number 3. We're

looking at Verse 21 through Verse 31, because I have said this is perhaps the

most important section in the entire canon of God's word. Everything we

have said in Romans up to this point reaches the pinnacle. Everything we'll

deal with in Romans goes down from the pinnacle. And it all centers around

this basic teaching on justification. It says we are justified by faith.

Justification by faith. And we define justification. It is not just as if

you have never sinned. But justification is God declaring you are righteous

while you are still in a sinning state.

And then we talked about, through an outline fom, this passage, 21 through

31, of Romans 3, about the nature of justification. In other words, "what

is it?" Verse 21 through Verse 24. The purpose of justification: Verse 24

and 25. And we aren't there yet, and we're not going to get there tonight,

incidentally. And then we talked about the result of justification, Verse 27

throlugh Verse 31.

Now, let's review just for a moment beginning with Verse 21. Paul says,


21 But now the righteousness of God without the law is

manifested, @eing witnessed by those two witnesses, the

law and the prophets; 22 Ev ...

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