by Dr. Ed Young

(Transcribed from actual tape) December 25, 1983


Luke 1:35

I like it today. This reminds me a few years ago, I was in First Baptist

Church of Comumbia, South Carolina, and it snowed and snowed. Nobody could

get out. And I think I called the police department. A policeman came by

and picked me up and took me to church. Cause we were on television live

there. And therefore I knew to preach, I'd preach for everybody because all

the rest of the churches were closed in the entire state, literally. It was

just a, ah, avalanche of snow. And so I made my way up there and two or three

saints were there on the front and 1, I, I preached to the television audience

just as straight and hard as I could and looked right in the cameras, which

I never try to do here. I don't even know, I don't even think about it, I

just preach to you, and they just look in over there. But when I got through,

I had the, the, the bright idea. I said, "I realize that you couldn't go to

your church this Sunday, but your church has expenses and so I hope you'll

send your tithes and offerings to your local church, and ah, even though

I'm the one that's preached to you this Sunday." Well, I got letters that

next week from all the pastors. They thought I was great. You know, they,

they were really impressed with me, and, cause they'd watched too. And then

the next, on Friday of the next week, you wouldn't believe it, snow came again.

I mean the ground was frozen. A-and, then you have the sleet, an-and then

witert the snow comes, 4it's rl-ally bad. It iust came dciwn again. We were snowed

in the second time and, I-I forgot, somebody had chains on their tires. They

came by and picked me up and I finally got down to church and I stood up. And

I don't think there was anybody there ...

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