by Dr. Ed Young

H. Edwin Young
December 18, 1983
Romans 3:1-20

Several years back I was watching, I think it was one
of the pre-Olympic trials, and they had the ski jump.
You know, the high ski jump where they go, oh, I don't
know, how high in the air. And they go way down this
shoot and they just are flying. And they go up over
the side, and they're on the skis. And they, you know
how they stretch and lean and try to judge the wind
and they jump, to my mind, hundreds of feet. It's an
unbelievable thing. It's as if they're flying without
wings on those skis. And I watched one fellow, and
they gave all the introductions, the country he was
from, and his experience, and what he'd won, and what
they were hoping he would do. But somehow he went off
the end of that high ski jump improperly, and you
could see immediately he was in trouble. And then the
unthinkable happened. He just lost control, and you
could see him just twirling to the side. Maybe some of
you saw this. Completely out of control and he hit in
a snowbank with with a a deafening thud. And I
remember seeing him just rolling, pell melling down
that hill. And in my mind, a just horrible, horrible
scene was displayed, and I said, "He's dead. Surely it
killed him." But I later learned he was seriously
injured but absolutely he was totally wiped out.

Now, we use that phrase of, "I wiped out." I've seen
my son out riding the bicycle and trying to do a
wheelie, and he'd miss something, hit a rock, and he
would just twirl and have the big wreck. And he'd come
back all scraped up. And he said, "I wiped out. I
totally wiped out." And we see that in athletic events
where someone loses control for a moment. A freak
accident takes place and someone is totally wiped out.

I remember years ago in the Deep South there was sort
of a folk hero who was a stock car driver named
Fireball Roberts. And he was noted for his dare devil
tactics there on the stoc ...

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