by Dr. Ed Young

(Transcribed from actual tape) November 20, 1983 PM

II Peter 3:1-9

Your pastor spreads the Word more than anybody. I lose more Bibles. Every

one of you must have a copy of one of my Bibles by now. Open your Bible if

you would to Second Peter, Chapter Number Three. We'd better think back about

Second Peter, what we've been talking, some of us have forgotten since we've

started our study. It's a very, very simple and basic outline. The first

chapter of Second Peter is a word of exhortation, a word of encouragement to

Christians. The second chapter of Second Peter is another word, but it's a

word of judgment to false prophets, to false teachers. And the third chapter

is another word of encouragement to Christians. Especially is it a word of

encouragement in light of the coming again of Jesus Christ. So, you see,

you've got two words - Chapter 1, Chapter 3 - of encouragement. In the mid-

dle you have a word of condemnation to false teachers. In other words, those

of you who are heretics...those of you who are insincere...those of you who

are preaching for a profit ... those of you who are imoral in your lifestyles ...

if you have been put in a public place by God as a called-out one, you are

under the special condemnation of God. This is Chapter 2. But Chapter 2 is

surrounded by words of encouragement, and in Chapter Number Three, we have

another word of encouragement to those who are believers, those who are born

again, those who are the redeemed, those who are the saved, those who are the

Ch.-4,st4,an&. ,knd beginving with Chapter 3 of Sp-c-ancl Pp-ter,. we look at our study

tonight. And, it's interesting here: the first two verses are like the intro-

duction to the book. You ought to take these two verses, and they don't belong

here, put them b ...

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