by Dr. Ed Young

(Transcribed from actual tape) November 20, 1983 AM


Romans 1:17-23

We continue our study of the book of Romans. If you'll open your Bibles to the

first chapter, we'll look at this morning Romans, Chapter 1, Verse 17 through

Verse 23. Romans 1:17-23. Let's bow together for prayer.

"Father we open Thy book in many places and are astounded and amazed at the truth

that's there. Especially as we look at the epistle to the Romans, we see the

profundities that are so deep and so wide and so broad that Thy word defies our

understanding and our comprehension. But, Father, we pray that Thy Holy Spirit

will enlighten us, inform us, instruct us, and convict us. Lord, in this service,

You continue to speak.As I proclaim this word, let me get out of the way so that

Thy wo@d and Thy message might be heard and understood and received and incorpor-

ated into our lives. Touch us, 0, Lord, in those deep sensitive places. Forgive,

cleanse, tabernacle among us. We pray in the strong, holy name of Jesus Christ,

our Savior and our Lord. Amen."

The outline of this passage is simple to remember. It's built around good news

and bad news. It's almost like Paul is saying in Verse 17, "I've got good news."

And Verse 18 he says, "Ah, but I've got bad news." In Verse 19 and 20, he says,

"I've got good news." Ah, in Verse 21 through Verse 23, he says, "I've got bad

news." So you can remember this particular passage on the basis of good news, on

the basis of bad news. I think it's a rather clear outline of what the apostle

is saying to us as he was writing, inspired by the Holy Spirit, to the church in



First, he said, "There is good news." Look at it. Verse 17.
17 For therein is the righteousness of God revealed from ...

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