by Dr. Ed Young

(Trarusc-r-ibed from or-ig-inal tape) October l@0, laa83 PM

II Peter 2:10-22

We live in a strange time, an amazing day. Everytime i hear a newscast, i aimcy&t

without exception get angry. And I pray as never before that God Almighty will

raise up among the young generation some reporters and people who give themself

to the media on television, who have some semblance of a heart for God and sanity

and for America. We cannot last forever when an overwhelming number of those who

write in our periodicals, who report the news in our papers - from the Chronicle

to the Post to the Times, to wherever - and they always come at every question

from the fartherest point of left field you can imagine. I pray that somehow,

some way, some of our more gifted writers and communicators God will touch and

lead as Christians into the media. There is a desperate need in this area. And

cannot understand. I have tried to look at things objectively as we've

seen our boys murdered in Lebanon. And then we've seen what action has been taken

by our President in trying to keep from a little nothing of an island almost being

overthrown by Cubans and Soviet and Communist bullies. And I can't understand the

party line that people followed and the philosophy they followed in condemning our

President and condemning our nation for the stands we've taken. I agree with the

commandant of the marine corps when he said, "We will cease being the land of the

free when we stop being the home of the brave." Don't buy so much of the garbage

that we hear ennunciated in the media. As I said in the second service, if that

same bunch had taken over Southern Florida, the same left-wing philosophers would

have said, "Aw, let 'em have it." Same bunch. Same bunch. If you const ...

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