by Dr. Ed Young

(Transcribed from actual tape) October 30, 1983 AM


Matthew 19:1-12

I want to begin this morning, and I'll probably repeat this statement tonight, and

make not a political statement, but a statement of patriotism. The first word I'd

say is our boys who were shamelessly killed in Lebanon did not die in vain, they

died as heroes. And on the second statement I would make is thank God for a President

and his leadership that moved when it did to alleviate a potentially very critical

problem in Granada. The left wing who would say and question and go through all

the debates that I'm hearing on television, they would be debating for us to give

Cuba and the Communists South Florida if they'd taken that over. And I'm thrilled

with the action that has been taken. That was a statement of patriotism and not of

politics. I hope you understand that. And I'm going to make it again tonight be-

cause I didn't make it in the earlier services.

Now. we're goinq to move on to a different thing. Open your Bibles if you would to
Matthew, Chapter 19. Chapter 19, and I'm going to read Verse 3 - the gospel of
Matthew - through Verse 6.

3And some Pharisees ccone to Jesus (Him), testing Him, and saying,
"Is it lawfuz for a man to divorce his wife for any cause at aZZ?"
4And He answered and said, "Have you not read, that He who created
them from the beginning made them maze and femaze 5and said 'For
this cause a man shatl Zeave his father and mother, and shaZZ

czeave to his wife; and the two shaZZ become one fzesh"? 6 ConsequentZy.
they are no Longer two, but one fzesh. What therefore God has joine ...

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