by Dr. Ed Young

(Transcribed from actual tape) September 28, 1983 PM
Tent Revival


Mark 5: 19

An old prospector had been out panning for gold for many months. And he came into
a little town, and as he was coming in, a young cowboy who'd been in the bar and
he'd been paid Saturday night, and he'd spent all of his money. And he saw the
old prospector coming in leading his itttle dartkey. And so he thoug-i@t he'd have
some fun at the oldtimer's expense. And he went out there and pulled out one of
his six-guns and just emptied it at his feet. And the oldtimer stood there. And
he said, "Oldtimer, can you dance." And he said, "No." He said, "Aw, I bet you
can." He shot closer at his feet, and sure enough, he started dancing. And he
got his other six-gun out and he shot at his feet. And the oldtimer kept on danc-
ing. Everybody was laughing at his expense and just poking fun at him. And
finally the young cowboy ran out of bullets. About that time the old prospector
reached on the other side of that donkey and pulled out a sawed-off shotgun and
pointed it right at the nose of that young cowboy. And he asked, "Young man, have
you ever kissed a mule?" The young cowboy swallowed and said, "No, Sir. But I've
always wanted to."

I have never heard Willa and Jeoff sing together before, but I've always wanted

to. Thank God for that. Willa had ten more stanzas of that last one, but she

said she couldn't teach Jeoff but five for tonight, and so that's all he could

possibly learn.

Open your Bibles if you would to the Gospel of Mark the fifth chapter. I'm going

- 2-

to read'.Verse 1 through Verse 20 - an ex ...

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