by Dr. Ed Young

(Typed from actual tape) Tuesday,
September 27, 1983 PM
Tent Revival


Genesis 42:21

You know, I..I ... I..with Willa singing and then Jeoff and then Jeoff and then Willa,

I've had a rough time. I ... Willa gets through and, well, Jeoff was singing tonight

and I was coming up in the back, and I said, "You know, he sings in the Spirit, and

the gospel better than anybody I've ever heard." And then Willa sings and I said,

"Oh, no. That's not right. There's nobody in the world that can do that." And

then Jeoff sings. And I just switch back and forth, back and forth. And then I

have to preach. And ... but I'll tell you, I'm going to take a perogative as the

pastor tonight. I'm going to ask ... I don't know if we can do this. But, I'm go-

ing to ask Jeoff and Willa to sing together tomorrow night. I wondered if we

could handle that. Will ya'll .... Huh? You'll do it? (Tremendous applause) And

Pastor DeLoach and I and Mr. Hamlet all three preach at the same time. We'll stand

up and do it, ah, right out through the time. We're grateful for these two com-

mitted artists. And they'll sing together tomorrow night. I'd already sort of

picked on them and prepared it, and we'll get Mr. Maxfield to have these supports

and Mr. Fender where we won't be in any immediate danger, perhaps.

Ya'll do not know this, but I assigned a member of our staff each night to pray

about the rain. Last night (laughter) Brother Ted Gaze was in charge of our

weather. Mr. DeLoach had already failed a year ago. Mr. Hamlet had failed the

year before that. And tonight we put Mr. Tom Griffin in charge of the weather,

and I want you to notice t ...

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