by Dr. Ed Young

H. Edwin Young
Matthew 7:21-23
Monday, September 26, 1983 PM
Tent Revival

Open your Bibles tonight if you would to Matthew,
Chapter Number 7. If you did not want to get your
Bible wet, you look at the end of the pew and you will
find some Bibles disguised as hymnals in a white
binding. And if you'll open it to the book of
Matthew. The Gospel of Matthew, Chapter Number 7,
Verse 21 through 23. Matthew 7:21-23. Jesus is
speaking. (read KJV)

Let's pray together. "Father, it's always good to
celebrate our Christian living and to have a service
of freedom and release with a lot of spontaneity and
life. How we enjoy the fun and the pleasure and the
thrill of lifting up our voices to Thee. Father, now
we trust that You will give us a sense of
concentration. Yea, Lord, for some here, give a sense
of urgency. How desperately some in this place need a
message from Thee. Some know it. Others are coming
to realize it. Father, we pray tonight that You will
deal with all of us, cut through all of our prejudice,
all of our rationalization, all of our pride, all of
our human reasoning, and may we center and focus our
attention upon Thee and Thee alone. Dear Lord, You
speak. Let me get out of the way so that Thy Word and
Thy message might be heard. And, Lord, we don't want
to just hear. Let us respond with a totality of our
lives. For we pray in the beautiful name of Jesus
Christ. Amen."

The Bible is a straight-forward and candid book. It
records the sins of the sinners as well as the sins of
the saints. When you read the Bible, never do you run
into a situation where someone is pulling a punch or
holding back. God's Word is clear. And if your
rationale for not reading and studying it and knowing
it and hiding it in your heart, its truths, is that,
"Well, I don't understand a lot about it.” Or,
"There's a lot of big words involved there," it's
because ...

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