by Dr. Ed Young

(Transcribed from actual tape) September 25, 1983
AM - Lord's Supper


John 14

Somehow we always hang on the last words of an individual. Yesterday someone

was sharing with me about when their grandmother died. She said, "My grandmother

said, 'Just take me in the hospital.' And we were driving by that particular

hospital. 'And just let me check in for the night.' She says, 'I'm going fish-

ing in the morning.' And," she said, "that's the way my grandmother died, look-

ing forward to going fishing in the morning."

Last things. Last words. What one generation bequeths to another generation.

What a will says. Especially when we read the biography and autobiography of

famous men and women, we listen and see what they said prior to their death. Did

they ha.ve a chance to give a last word of challenge? Did they have another chance

to say a word about their faith? Did they say something to a child or to a grand-

child? Especially as we look at the life of Jesus Christ. We hold on to that

last discourse in the little upper room as He gathered those apostles around Him,

as they celebrated the Passover meal. What He said, we have read, we have studied,

we have listened to across the generations.

I think it's exceedingly appropriate as we face this time of revival, as we think

of telling others to be a part of our family from all over this city, that first

of all we look at ourselves. Now I don't know about you, but every time I look

in the mirror of my heart and of my conscience and of my life, it always calls

me to repentance. It always calls me to confession. And suddenly I see myself


the way God sees me. And instead of being filled with prid ...

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