by Dr. Ed Young

(Transcribed from actual tape) September 11, 1983 PM


Job 12:5

Who won? Conners or Lindel? Well, goodness. That's gooil, That's good. How

did the Oilers come out? Boy, had a bad afternoon. I'm really behind here in

what's going on. Conners won in how many sets? Anybody know? Four sets. Boy.

How many were asleep with me and you didn't know anymore ... ? That's the good

guys. That's the good guys.

Open your Bibles if you would to Job, Chapter No. 12. We're going to read Verse
I through Verse 5. Job 12:1-5:

Then Job responded, 2TruLy then you are the eople, And
with you wisdom wilt die! 3But I have inteZZigence as weZZ
as you3 T am not inferior to you. And who does not know such
things as these? 4-T am a joke to my friends. The one who
called on God, and He answered him3 The just and bzameless
man is a joke. 5He who is at ease holds calconity in contempt,
As prepared for those whose feet szip. (NAS)
Moffatt renders the latter part of this fifth verse like this: "When a man falters,
there are blows for him." And it's around that phrase I want us to think tonight
as we pray together.

"Father, it is a joy to be in your house ... to be thrilled with music and song, in

prayer and testimony and just the warmth of the fellowship of these here. But


always, Father, we know that we come and gather because of a need, because of

hunger, because of a desire for Thy word to quicken us, to convict us and to con-

vince us. Lead us, Oh, Lord, to new heights in Thy truth. Inspire us. Touch

those who need assuring. Deal with those who need forgiving. And, Father, may

Thy Spirit rule and reign in everything that's done in t ...

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