by Dr. Ed Young

(Transcribed from actual tape) September 4, 1983 PM

Job 6:15-17

The hurr-icarre A'l -'I-c-ia d-ld a 'lot of damage -;I.-,-our c4l@,,,, along with all the copnected

tornadoes that just would swoop down over here and lift up over there. A lot

of people have been without power. And some people have had their roofs blown

off and trees have fallen down. The most amazing thing I think was in my own

neighborhood. If I had walked through all the neighborhood where I lived and

picked out the two biggest trees we had - they were oak trees - and if I were

a gambling man - which I am not - I would have bet you that all those little

skinny pines and all those little peach trees or fruit trees or whatever kind of

other trees we had, they might all have been blown over. But I would have gam-

bled that those oak trees would have stood up against anything. But those were

the two trees that went down. And for the past week, I've seen tree surgeons

come in with their trucks and their cranes and their bulldozers and all the kind

of chains and pulleys trying to pull up the roots that remain. And I asked one

of these men, "What happened to these trees? Of all the trees ... they're tremen-

dous things ... tremendous things ... why did they fall?" And they pointed out to

me and said, "Look at the roots. On this tree the roots were rotten, and on this

other tree, look on the inside of the tree. It's hollow." The bores had gotten

in and just hollowed it out. It looked healthy. Both of them. The foliage, the

branches, the bark...beautiful trees...tremendous trees up way beyond the height

of this sanctuary. But the problem was when the pressure of the wind, the twis-

ters came, because they had no real strong roots and in the middle t ...

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