by Dr. Ed Young

(Transcribed from actual tape) August 28, 1983 PM


Job 2

This morning when I was talking about Satan in that first chapter of the book of

Job and how he was the accuser with just a question and how a question sometimes

can indict someone. And I looked over the platform, you remember, and I said,

"For example, if I asked the question, 'Is Pastor DeLoach stealing funds from

the church?' And just by asking the question, it's sort of an indictment against

him." After the service Jim came up and said, "Why didn't you say instead of me

Pastor Hamlet?" A,-,,d I sa;l-d, "I thou2ght ab@ut it, bLt a lot of folks woulcl have-

believed it." And so I couldn't pursue that.

For our visitors, we're beginning a study of the book of Job, and wherever you
look in the 42 chapters of Job, you find yourself in deep water. And it's almost
like you need to teach the entire book or to preach on the entire book at one
time, because there's really no place to stop, because anywhere you stop there
are more questions to be answered. And so tonight we look in a precursory way
as we will at all of the book, because there's just not enough time left to go
word by word and verse by verse and problem by problem through this fabulous,
though neglected book in the Old Testament. So open your Bibles, if you would,
to Chapter Number 2. And I'm going to take the time tonight to read a good hunk
of this chapter. I'm going to read all the way through Verse 10. Job, Chapter 2,
1 through 10:

lagain there was a day when the sons of God ccane to present
themsezves before the Lord, and Satan azso ccone among them

to present himself before the Lord. 2And the Lord said to
Satan, 'Where ha-oe you come from?" Then Satan answered the
L ...

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