by Dr. Ed Young

(Transcribed from actual tape) August 28, 1983 AM


Job 1

This morning we begin our study of the book of Job. I have discovered that it is

perhaps the greatest unknown area of all the Bible. Few of us know very much

about the forty-two chapters of this book. Dr. O'Brien who years ago was a minis-

ter on the staff of this church said that Job has in it all the major doctrines

of our faith, or at least four gleams of all those major doctrines. Many scholars

believe it's the oldest book in all the Bible. We know it was written sometime

between Abraham and Moses, because in the book of Job there is no mention of the

decalogue, of the law, the commandments, the temple ... it is a book that we can put

in the patriarchal period of biblical history. It's a great book. And I will

preach on Job on Sunday morning, and where we end up, I'll just start on Sunday

night and begin next Sunday and the Sunday after and we'll have twelve study

sessions together on this tremendous, tremendous yet basically unknown book in the

Bible. I hope you have your Bibles open to the book of Job. Our text this morn-

ing is the entire first chapter, but I'm going to read only Chapter 1, Verse 1

through Verse 5. And we'll walk through the rest together in our study. Job 1:1


1In the Land of Uz there lived a man whose n=e was Job. This
man was blamezess and uprights he feared God and shunned eviz.
2He had seven sons and three daughters, 3and he owned seven thou-
sand sheep, three thousand cconezs, five hundred yoke of oxen and
five hundred donkeys, and had a @ge mober of servants. (In

fact) Job was the greatest man conong atZ the people of the

East. 4His son ...

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