by Dr. Ed Young

(Transcribed from actual tape) August 21, 1983 PM

II Peter 1-10
This is normally a pretty down Sunday before all of our schools start. Everybody
gets away. I'm grateful you came tonight for our Bible study and our time together.
We can make a natural transition between what we dealt with this morning and what
we're looking at tonight. Before we look at II Peter, many of you have your note-
books and your outlines. I hope they were in the bulletin tonight, or you were
handed them before you came. They'll help you, perhaps, to follow along, though
my outline is normally a little different. But first, before we look at II Peter,
open your Bibles to I John, Chapter Number 2. This morning we talked about growing
as Christians and how you grow as a Christian. You focus your life and your atten-
tion and your will on the glory of God. The glory of God. "Every knee shall bow
and every tongue shall confess that Jesus Christ is Lord. To God be the glory."
And then let's look at the stages of this Christian growth which makes a natural
transition into our passage tonight in II Peter. I John, Chapter No. 2, Verse 12
though 14.
12-T can writing to you, Zittle chizdren, because your sins
are forgiven you for His nwne's sake. 13 -T wn writing to
you, fathers, because you know Him who has been from the
beginning. -T = writing to you, young men, because you
have overcome the eviz one. I have written to you, chi@en,
because you know the Father. 14 1 have written to you, fathers,
because you know Him who has been from the beginning. I have
written to you, young men, because you are strong, and the
word of God abides in you, and you have overcome the evil one.

Let ...

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