by Dr. Ed Young

Tra sc@ibed from actual tape of sermon September 16, 1979

"Thy will be done." A central petition in the prayer of our Lord, but also I think,
we can say "thy will be done" is the primary thrust of His life and His ministry. The
Gospel of John tells us in a very clear way - many, many times - that Jesus said his
primary purpose of coming into this world was to do the will of the Father. He said
"I came down out of heaven, not to do what I want - but to do the will of the Father."
Remember as the disciples were goina through Samaria and they stopped off at Jacob's
Well to drink)and I am sure they stopped off for a moment of rernembrance and sentimen-
tality - the disciples were tired and hungry and exhausted - as was Jesus. And they
said, "Master, you wait here - we are going into the village of Sychar and get some
food." And they were gone for a period of time and you know the interlude there with
the magnificient story of the woman at the well and then finally the apostles came back
and they said @ here is some food" And Jesus said, "I'm not hungry. I don't need
anything to eat." They said, "What happened? Did somebody bring you something to eat?
You were starving when we left. We were all exhausted. Food will help." And they
encouraged him to take something for his body but Jesus said, "I have meat ye know not
of." In other words - I have things that give me satisfaction - spiritual things that
satisfy my hunger - that you do not know about. He said - in fact - my meat - my sub-
stinence - the things that keep me going - is DOING THE WILL OF GOD.
Can anyone here this morning say that the primary thrust of my life - honest and truly
cutting aside everything else - first and foremost with me is TO DO THE @-.IILL OF GOD?
That should be the passion and the desire of eve ...

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