by Dr. Ed Young


Philippians 1:9-18

We want to just say a word in light of our scripture about going to school. And
we're not going to say it in a very preachery way I hope, but in just a very practical
simple way for all of us. And it fits with our scripture tonight - Philippians,
Chapter number 1. I'm going to read beginning with verse nine and read through verse
18 in the Living Bible. It's a paraphrase - not a translation. But let's listen to
these words. If I told you you'd have a pop test on the content of these words fol-
lowing my reading them, would you listen with a little ... ?
"My pAayeA 6ot you, " wtote Paut, "is that you wiU ovelt6tow mote and mote
with tove 6ot oth@, and at the zame time keep on gtowing in zp
knowtedge and insigkt. Fot I want you atways to see cteaaty the di66eAence
between @ht and wtong and to be inwoAdP-y cp-ean 5o that no one being abte
to @cize you 6,tom now untit ouA Lotd tetuAn,6. May you atways be doing
tho,se good, kind thing,6 which show that you aAe a chitd oi God, @ot thiz
witt bting much p@e and gtoty to the Lo&d. And I want you to know this,
deaa b)totheu, eveay thing that haz happened to me heae has been a gteat boost
in getting out the Good News conceaning C@t. Fot eveay one atound heae,
inctu@ng aU the soediex6 ovea at the b@ckz, knows that I am in chain,6
,6impty because I am a C@tian. And becau-6e o6 my imp&"onment, many o6
the C@tians heae seem to have eost theit 6ea& o6 chain,6. Somehow, my
patience haz encoutaged them and they have become mo@e and mote botd in
t@ng othex6 about C"t. Some o6 cou&6e aAe pteaching the Good News
becau6e they ate jeatouz o6 the way God hLu uzed me. They want teputation,6
a6 6eaAtes-6 pxeacheu . But otheu have pute motives, pxeaching bec@e they

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