by Dr. Ed Young

Transcribed from actual tape of semon September 2, 1979 AM

Matthew 6:9

Our daily speech@ith filled with word patterns. But unbelievably - so many of our word

patterns are so slick on our tongues and slide into our ears, that we do not really hear,

understand or perceive what we are saying. How many times has somebody come up to you

and asked "how are you doing today?" - and they didn't wait for you to tell them. How

many times have we been guilty of the same things? How are you? Just a casual glib

kind of greeting with no meaning and no sincerity behind it. What about the word 'good-

bye' ? well, good-bye. Most of us have forgotten that it means 'God be with you' - it is

an abbreviation of it. So we have a lot of phrases, a lot of little catchy words that

go with our profession. How many congressman have you heard say "America is a grea ---- at

nation." And 'great' sometimes has 10 or 15 syllables in it. They just string it out

with gre - a--at emphasis. Or with a smile and a great deal of finesse'and poise - a

Senator will stand up and say "let me defer to the distinguished Senator from Illinois."

Well the truth of the matter is - he doesn't trust him - he knows he is dishonest; he is

guilty of chicanery and he really hates him - BUT in public he has these little slick

phrases that we use.

Educators are not exempt from this. How many times have I heard them say - "what we need

today is MORE education." Never defining education and seemingly overlooking the fact

that a crook educated is more dangerous than a crook that is uneducated! Or like in a

civic gathering I was in not too long ago. A man stood up and he said "the problem with

the United S ...

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