by Dr. Ed Young

Transcribed from actual tape of sennon August 26, 1979 PM


When Paul selected a place to work - to teach - to preach - he did it with plenty of
strategy going into his decision. He didn't just wander around and land over here and
light over there, but you could be sure when Paul talked - when Paul carried on a journey
when Paul stopped - there was reason, there was planning, there was prayer, there was the
leadership of the lioly Spirit of God. And so here we see Paul is going to this city of
Philippi - and we know it was a trading center - we know that gold and silver were mined
there and though the mines had now exhausted themselves - by the time Paul got there on
his second missionary journey - which was in about 62 or 63 AD - still - this little
comunity, Philippi, was a commercial center. You know that Philippi was founded and
established by Philip of Macedonia - the father of Alexander the Great. It was a
strategic place as far as commerce, as far as theology, as far as the Roman world was
concerned. In fact, following the strategic battle there - when Anthony defeated Brutus
and Cassius - Philippi became a Roman colony. Now you know how they worked that. It's
real interesting. It reminds me of a kabutz in Israel. What they would @ do when a
Roman army would come back from a successful adventure in expanding the empire - they
would select 300 of the prime, veteran soldiers and they would say, "You have won a trip
to somewhere...." and they would send them to these cities and these centers where these
people had been loyal to Rome, had been faithful to the conquering armies - and they would
take thier wives and their children and their family and there they would establish a
Roman colony and literally, it was a bit of Rome moved geographically to another place ...

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