by Dr. Ed Young

Transcribed from actual tape of sermon August 26, 1979 AM
Matthew 6:9
This morning we begin a study of The Lord's Prayer. This study in our morning services
will take us through 8 weeks ... as we break down the individual petitions in this prayer
and I think we will distover together biblically and theologically you have some basic
doctrinal principles enunciated and explained in this petition we perhaps pray or say
in such a perfunctory way every Lord's day.
Now some people believe the Lord's Prayer was the first effort by Jesus to teach His
disciples to pray. But that simply is not accurate. The first method our Lord and
Savior used to teach His disciples was the method of example. Precept is generall y
useless unless following on the heels of precept we have practice. So it was when
those disciples - those followers of Jesus - saw the Master Teacher on his knees talking
to the Father, talking to God, talking to Elohim, talking to Yahweh it was then and
then only did they want to learn how to pray.
Also, it is interesting to observe that in Luke's account of the Lord's Prayer - we have
two accounts - Matthew and Luke. In Luke's account it was the disciples who asked -
"Master, Teacher - you teach US - you teach US - you give us the secret of prayer.
And did you know that the followers of Jesus, as far as the Bible records - this is the
only thing they ever ASKED of Him? The only thing they ever asked Him to teach them.
They didn't say, "Teach us about miracles." They didn't say, "Teach us how to build a
church." They didn't say, "Teach us how to win the world." But they said, "Teach us to

So through these precepts they understood that if they could really talk to thefather -

all of these others thin ...

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