by Dr. Ed Young

H. Edwin Young
Matthew 6:22-24
July 22, 1979

There's an old drama entitled WINDOWS that has a
most unusual scene. An aged window cleaner is
washing and polishing windows there in the study of
a famous journalist. The journalist has his head
down and he is just idly toyinq with a pencil in
front of paper that is blank, trying to receive some
inspiration or an idea that he could record. And the
old window cleaner looks over his shoulder and almost
as if he happened to be talking to himslef - he
said, "Dining room windows get dirty." And he sort of
glanced to the side to see if he was disturbing the
author, the journalist, and the man didn't move
- so he went on. And the simple window cleaner
said, "Dining room windows get dirty; living room
windows get dirty; den - kitchen windows get
dirty. Dust and all sorts of grease and smoke just
congregate there on the windows and you can't see out
- they get dull and pale and it's hard to see clearly
what's on the outside." And then he looks over
and sees if the journalist is still listening and
he recognizes that he has his ear - and then he
gets down. to business and he says what he wanted to
say all of the time - - - He says, "Life's windows
get dirty, with jelousies, prejudices, envy,
bitterness, grudges - life's windows get dirty. And
when life's windows get dirty--- people have a tough
time seeing the light and sometimes they cannot see at

I like what the old window cleaner said - because I
think it speaks to our scripture this morning.
I think it speaks to your life and to my-life this
morning - because we know something about life's
window or windows getting dirty. They get corroded
with our ideas; they get polluted with the vulgarity
and the profanity that surrounds us. And before
long - a life window can get so obscure and ...

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