by Dr. Ed Young

Dr. Ed Young
Proverbs 24:30-31

Not too many look hungry tonight! I was real tempted to do some interviews tonight walk up and down these aisles - but I didn't do it.... to try to answer some questions maybe we can do that again .... about fasting.... because you didn't do it in 30 or 40 minutes or whatever; but there are - just as a precursory kind of overview - there are at least 3 kinds of fast that you find in the Bible. There is the normal fast - and this was the fast in which Jesus was participating in, I think, in the 40 days in the wilderness...and... normal fast would be you would drink water or even liquids but no food - we feel like the fast of Jesus of 40 days was a normal fast... for the reason that ... when he got through with the fast and the devil was tempting him he tempted him at the point of food. And we know until recent day you couldn't do without liquids for 40 days but somebody was on a little raft and was there for so long - I forgot - they set 3 or 4 different records about it so I don't know exactly how long you can go without food or liquid. But we know that the devil tempted Him with food .... and so this leads us to believe if He had fasted without liquid - it would have been a miraculous fast - and certainly I think to live that long - - so that was a normal fast - without food. An absolute fast would be without food or water or anykind of nourishment. That would be an absolute fast.

And then a partial fast would be doing without specific things and I recommend this in a lot of areas. Some people are just compulsive buyers - we've got to go shopping. We've got to go buy something. What? I don't know -just go buy! And you could fast in that way. I would recommend that.

Anything that we do - there's a lot of areas I think we could broaden the definition of fasting and let include so that we would be more disciplined people and be stricter and more obedient to our call and to our responsibility as disciples. I say aga ...

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