by Dr. Ed Young

Transcribed from actual tape of sermon July 15, 1979 AM

HOW TO LOSE WEIGHT Matt. 6:16-18
"'Now there ic- a fast woman!" said thip- np-igbharnhaod a-ossip. "Everybody knows how she is
carrying on."

"He's the fastest man alive," said an avid track man as he watched his favorite athlete
set a new re-cord i,n the 100 yard dasb.

"He's fast," cried a workman as he shouted down below for help as the girder had fallen
upon one of his companions.

"She's fast asleep," the Professor commented to a college English class as he looked on
the front row at a young freshman girl.

We use the word FAST in many different ways; but in biblical days - in the days of Jesus
the word FAST had to do with abstinence from food and sometimes - abstinence from drink.

Now we need to be honest this morning and recognize that we know very little - most-Ol' us
experientially or practically - abaut fast-Ing. As far as fast4in-g 4is concerned we halle
exiled this biblical teaching to all the bizarre fanatics or we have elevated it up and
spys that it belongs only for those who are a part of high church worship. The liturgical

But I think ladies and gentlemen, as evangelicals we need to come to terms with the Bible.
And I submit to you that the teaching concerning fasting is not a major doctrine of the
scripture; it is not the foundation or one of the foundations of our faith; it is not some-
thing that is compulsory or legalistic or required by anyone - to be a child of God.

But also, I submit this morniqg that fasting .... is biblical .... its practice is clearly

recommended. I think in our scripture we see the phrase "When ye fast." It is used in

the same sequence there as we studied and Jesus said - "When ye give," about almsgiving;

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