by Dr. Ed Young

Transtribed from actual tape of sermon July 8, 1979 PM

Matthew 23: 24

Our words of scripture, uttered by Jesus are a keen and cutting rebuke. Here is the
picture: The Pharisees are drinking wine. They look down in the glass and they see a
gnat. By the way - back where I'm from - sometimes we would say a ga-nat! But that
is just my upbringing. They would see a gnat and they wouldn't drink their wine with
a gnat inside - they would take the wine and ever-so-carefully they would strain it to
get that one little gnat out.

Jesus said - that is what you do - you religious Pharisetical-type-folks. He said - at
the same time you look into a wine glass and there is a camel. Talk about hyperbole; talk
about the humor of Christ - there is a camel! And you just turn up that wine to drink it
and you drink hoofs and humps and hair and all of it.

Jesus said that is the way you Pharisees are. You strain a ga-nat! And you swallow
a camel.

What was his charge? His charge was a malady that besets me - (@;hat besets you - so many
times .... majoring on minors.

I went to school with a fellow who had a minor in everything but when it came time to
graduate - he didn't have enough hours to major on anything! A lot of people spend their
entire lives majoring on the peripheral, tangent, insignificant things .... we do it ... in
our home life. So much controversy takes place between a husband and a wife over trivial
things .... when big problems come - teriffic problems come - staggering, overwhelming pro-
blems come - this usually draws us closer to our mate. But it is the little things that
irritate us and just get on our nerves. Have you ever noticed that?

I remember a fe ...

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