by Dr. Ed Young

Transcribed from actual tape of sermon July 8, 1979 AM

HOW TO PRAY Matthew 6:5-8
People listen to the Sermon on the Mount. You know why? As we have walked through
Matthew 5 during these months and now we begin to proceed into Matthew 6 - you notice
that Jesus here is talking about stuff that involves you and me. He's talking about -
almsgiving ... he's talking about divorce ... he's talking about marriage .... he's talking
about competition...he's talking about how you treat your enemies..he's talking about
how you get along with people you don't even like .... and he deals with the major issues
of life - the practical stuff - the down to earth stuff.... and ... we listen to it - -
because we know it is coming in a practical, down to earth way - from our practical,
down to earth Jesus Christ.
And therefore, we come to everyone of his utterances we are on spiritual tiptoe -
because what he is sayina isn't over our heads or beyond us - it just meets us right
where we live. Now perhaps you have never noticed - but right in the middle of this
Sermon on the Mount, you know like in a wheel that has all of its spokes and then it has
the hub - and right in the middle of the hub is the place for the axle to go? And without
the axle for the wheel to go around - nothing happens? Well, right in the middle of the
Sermon on the Mount - we find a prayer. It's almost a hush. Here's all this business
about this aspect, this problem, this situation, this life attitude - and then right in
the middle of the teachings of Christ - there's just a holy hush. There's an emphasis
on prayer. He tells us first of all how we are NOT to pray. Now in this negative sense
how we are not to pray - these words have no validity except to a community - except to a
nation except ...

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