by Dr. Ed Young


Proverbs 4:3-4

It's been a great day in the Lord'-s house, hasn't it? Have you noticed
the summer slump? I believe it's getting worse. Great problem. We're
grateful to God for the problem of getting them all tucked in here every
Lord's day.
Proverbs, chapter 4. By the way, thank you for parking Sunday morning
in, uh, thank you for not parking in Canaan and Nazareth and all those
places. Thank you for parking out in... in Bangladesh, Timbucktoo. How
many of you parked off campus this morning? Would you lift your hand
up? Isn't that wonderful. Every one of you who parked of f campus
enabled someone who is a prospect or unable to get on the bus and get
of f the bus to be here and that's the reason God continually grows a
family in this church. If you are physically able to park off campus,
and everybody should be, it's the best way to f ly, isn't it? You get
in, get out, no traffic jam, get on the bus, they're cool, whew, bang,
they're a lot closer than walking to your car. Zip, they're right to
the garage and you're way ahead of the Methodists in getting to the
cafeteria. So, work on that, that is the most important thing you can
do. If you can't preach, teach a Sunday School class, you can't, uh,
sing a solo like we had tonight or be in the choir, and a lot of you
could do those things, by the way, you need to do that too. But, you
- 2 -

could at least do that and that is a fabulous, fabulous thing for all of
us to do. Just get in the habit of it and you get in a little slower
but you get out a whole lot quicker and the bottom line you save time
and enable someone to come and be a part. We have 1800 parking places
on campus. We hav ...

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