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Transcribed from Actual Tape April 26, 1987 AM


I Kings 11:1-40

1 hope you have your Bibles open to I Kings, chapter number 18. I Kings
18, as we bow for prayer together. With our heads bowed and our eyes
closed, would you pray right there at the pew this prayer? Lord, say
that word through Thy word and through your servant today that I need.

Dear Father, I pray that You will speak and let me get out of the way so
that Thy word and Thy truth alone might be heard. For we make this
prayer through Jesus Christ, our Lord. Amen.

The last years of the life of Howard Hughes were spent in darkness, in
literal darkness. He lived around the world, did Mr. Hughes --
Acapulco, Madrid, London, Las Vegas, Hollywood. Wherever he lived, he
lived in a little room where he would conduct business, and he would see
old movies over and over again. Many movies he viewed over 100 times.
Where Howard Hughes lived, he always insisted that the room be dark. He
would put up drapes and tape the drapes closed where even in the middle
of the day his room would be dark.

No one will know why he lived in the dark those last years, but his
associates and those who were with him have speculated. They have come
to the conclusion that Howard Hughes was afraid of the night. There-
fore, he sought to make the daytime nighttime so the contrast would not
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Now what was God teaching Elijah in these desert-dry, obscure places?
He was teaching Elijah to be dependent on him for food and for drink.
That's what he learned. He learned obedience. He learned joy and
happin ...

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