by Dr. Ed Young

I Kings 17:8-16

How many took a nap this afternoon? Lift your hand up. I knew we'd
have more tonight. I'll tell you, we won't get that hour back 'til
Spring? This is Spring. Fall? See, I live one day at a time, I don't
know what season it is. I just wanted to see if ya'll did.

Open you Bibles. I Kings, chapter number 17. Tonight we'll begin with
verse 8 and look through verse 16. 1 Kings 17:8-16. Let's bow for
prayer together as we begin.

Father, we thank You for the blessed assurance that you give us in so
many, many ways. Tonight assure us again of Your hand, Your providence,
Your sovereignty in our lives and in this world. We pray not vainly,
not tritely, not repetitiously, but Lord, from the depths of our being
that Thou wouldst speak and let me get out of the way so that Thy word
and Thy truth and Thy message alone might be heard, received, understood
and appl-ied rigbt where we live, For wp- pray through Jesus Christ our
Lord. Amen.

When Oliver Cromwell was Lord Protector of England, Great Britain, they
ran out of silver. And when the kingdom ran out of silver, they could
not make coins. And so Cromwell tried to find where they could locate
- 2 -

si 1 ver. And he sent his man to the cathedral and asked if there were
any silver in the cathedral. The messenger came back and said, "Well,
the only silver there is found in the saints." They had silver saints
there standing at every corner of the cathedral. And Oliver Cromwell
said, "Well, we'll take the saints and melt them down so we can get them
back into circulation."

Now, I like that, because that's exactly what's happening to Elijah.

That's exactly what would ha ...

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