by Dr. Ed Young

Transcribed from Actual Tape March 29, 1987 PM



ft Kings 16:2,9 - '17-1

Why, t t@d-, "I-a 1 d- ba-, k g.-oup ton i gbt- It's not that cold is it? How
cold is it? What? 28? Somebody's been in the refrigerator. 38. It's
my age.

I hope you have your Bibles open to I Kings, chapter number 16. We're
going to look at verse 29 of the 116th chapter, and the fi-rst verse of
the 17th chapter. Tonight we begin a study that will go tonight, Sunday
morning, Sunday night, all the way through the life...touching the life
of Elijah. Elijah. And this is the first shot, first horse out of the
corral. So I hope you'll be with us during these days of exciting study
of this, the foremost of the prophets I think in the Bible. Well,
except John the Baptist, he was the greatest. Jesus gave him that
category. But, except for John, I would have to put Elijah, the other
dispensation, "A" number one.

Let's pray before we read our scripture.

Father, we thank You for this service tonight. We never take worship
lightly or casually, because always when You invite us to come as a body
of believers into Thy presence, there is a sense of expectancy, a sense
of anticipation of what You will do with Your folk. Lord, we're all
- 2 -

here, open, receptive, humbled in Thy presence. You speak, let me get
out of the way so that my words, my opinions will be extraneous. May
Thy truth, and Thy truth alone explode forth in this hour. Speak to us,
Lord, we pray. In the blessed holy name of Jesus Christ. Amen.
He was a remarkable man. So remarkable, so great, so gifted that many
people would say that this man was not really a man, but he ...

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