by Dr. Ed Young

Transcribed from Actual Tape March 15, 1987 A.M.



Timothy 2:1-2 6

I sat on the beach and watched a little fella build a sand castle. No
big deal except this little guy, who was ... I would guess to be 8, maybe
9 years old, really took that task seriously. I watched him for a long,
long time and I could tell that he'd been there before because he has a
clear vision of what he wanted to do. His plan was somewhat grandiose
for just a little sand castle on the shore. But he drew it out careful-
ly and you could tell he'd been to this same place years before and he
tried to build a sand castle but it never quite measured up but now he
knew he was old enough, smart enough, strong enough that he was going to
build a ca ... sand castle to surpass all other sand castles.
I watched him a ... as a friend, a buddy came down to help him and he
began to instruct him and tell him exactly what they were supposed to
do. And then he realized that he would not have time to complete all of
it, so I saw him incorporate some others who were passing by and some
other children who were playing and he let them come over and help and
enlisted them in his vision. And then a grandmother came down and
immediately he put her to work, that was easy to do. She was willing
and able and anxious. And then I would guess his mother came down with
a friend of his mother and before long, they were involved because they
were captured by it and people would walk by and stop and look at this
sand castle in the making and everybody was impressed. Oh, later on in
- 2 -

the morning, an older brother and his pal came down and...and they began
to sorta jump in and make some suggestions and one of them tried to ... to
pat a tower in p ...

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