by Dr. Ed Young



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Transcribed from Actual Tape March 8, 1987 P.M.



Revelation 22:13-21

Revelation chapter number 22, we're gonna begin with 13 and go through
the end of the chapter and I'm sort of so ... well, I ... I regret arriving
here in a little bit. We've been in Revelation how long? I don't have
any idea. Five months? Six months? Is that right? How many sermons?
Anybody know that? We'll wave your tie for 6 months if you could tell
me. Well, you had a chance. I don't have any idea. If you miss and
just guess though, you have to double up. For our visitors, we've been
in Revelation forever. Since when? September, the 7th. Alright, I
know the fellow here was a little boy when we started, I do remember
that. Uh...before we ... before we started here. Revelation's some kind
of Book. I'll tell you what I think's gonna happen and has happened to
us. We read up front that a person will be blessed from the reading and
studying of Revelation. And I've been blessed just from walking through
it with you; I think our church has been blessed by studying this great
Word from our Lord.
Nriw, the first part of this chapter we dealt with, by the way, the first
five verses in chapter 22 belong in chapter 21. You know that the
chapters and the verses are not inspired, they're not a part of the
original text. They came as an afterthought and they think the fella
who decided where the chapters and the verses were in the Bible, he was
riding on a horse and wherever the horse would bump, he would...his pen
- 2 -

would fall and that's how he got the verses and ...

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