by Dr. Ed Young

Transcribed from Actual Tape March 22, 1987 AM



Revelation 22:6-12

I hope you have your Bibles open to the last page of the Bible,
Revelation chapter number 22. We'll look this morning beginning with
verse 6 and go through 6-12. Revelation 22:6-12.
Let's bow for prayer together. Father, still us and steady us in thy
presence in this hour. Come close to each and every individual
assembled in thy name. Deal with us. Speak to us and then as we leave plar-e s@k t-h-rotlgb tis -- Lord let me get out of the way, so that
thy word and thy holy and divine message might not only be heard but
Lord, may it be received and understood and incorporated into our
living. For this is our prayer in the strong holy name, that's above
every name, the name of Jesus Christ, our Savior and our Lord, Amen.
In 1924, Adolf Hitler began to write Mein Kompf, "My Struggle". Few
people read the book when it was published. Those who did, by in large,
laughed at it. But for every word in Mein Kompf, 124 people died during
the II World War. Never underestimate the power of words. A physician
speaks: you go home from the hospital, or you prepare for surgery. A
judge speaks: you're released, or sent to prison. A government
official speaks: millions of dollars are spent, or millions of dollars
are withheld. Never underestimate the power of words, they can bless
and they can curse. And especially do we stand on tip toe mentally,
- 2 -

when we come to the final words of something. I've read the final words
of great men and women with interest. Because so many times when
they ...

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