by Dr. Ed Young


Revelation 21:1-22:7

Heaven. I love to talk about heaven. In the last two chapters of the
Bible, we learn more about heaven than we learn with all the rest of the
chapters and verses in the Bible put together. Isn't that something.
The last two chapters. The last time we looked at chapter 21, we began
with the first verses, verse 1 through 8, and we saw there will be a new
creation -- a new heaven and a new earth. We saw that there would be a
new city, a new Jerusalem coming down out of heaven like a bride made
ready for her husband, dressed up in wedding attire, a city in a spirit
of celebration.
We also saw there would be a new community there. And then finally we
saw there'd be a new constitution, that heaven would be a safe place to
live, a satisfying place to live, it would be a super place to live. I
like to talk about heaven. And I want to ask you a question right up
front tonight. Have you made your reservation? Have you made your
reservation for heaven? If you're going to eat at some of the better
restaurants in our city, I would recomend to you that you make a
reservation in advance. If you want to go see a basketball game and
watch the Rockets, I would recommend that you get your tickets in
advance so you will know when you get there you will have a place to sit
down, you'll make your reservation.
- 2 -

The Bible says that we can have a reservation for heaven. Have you made
your reservation? You say, "Where in the world is that?" Look at it,
if you would, at I Peter, chapter number 1, verse 4. I Peter, chapter
1, verse 4:

4To obtain an inheritance which is imperishable and
undefiled and will not fade ...

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