by Dr. Ed Young

Revelation 19:1-10
We are in the perfect spirit for the sermon I'm about to preach, God
willing. We have been going through the valley of desolation and
judgment and I don't know what all as we struggle through the
tribulation. And now we're just exploding out of it into the hallelujah
part of the scripture. In the rapture, we are caught up. At the great
white throne judgment we are cleaned up. And here at the marriage feast
of the lamb, we are cheered up. And that's what's going to happen to us
tonight. Let's pray for a moment together.
Father, it's always good to be with Your people in Your house. It's
always thrillina to celebrate the fact that we're a part of Your family.
Thank You for the spontaneity of this service. Lord, we pray now that
You will speak. That is not a prayer of ritual, but Lord, a prayer of
deep necessity knowing that nothing takes place unless somehow through
Thy scripture and through proclamation, the incarnation is felt and the
word becomes flesh and is fleshed out among us. Speak to us, Lord. Let
me get out of the way, is our prayer in the blessed holy name of Jesus
Christ, our Savior and our God. Amen.
Chapter 19 of Revelation is the hallelujah chorus of the Bible. We have
been waiting for a long, long time to get out of the tribulation. It
seems like we've been in the tribulation so long that perhaps some
- 2 -

people begin to think that we're going to have to live through the
tribulation. But the good news is, those who have been born again, and
those who have received Jesus Christ as their Savior will not be a part
of this prophetic time. Isn't that ...

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