by Dr. Ed Young


Revelation 17:1-18

We're going to do a lot better in the Super Bowl tonight. I don't
believe there's anybody here who can tell me the score and who played in
the Super Bowl 4 years ago. Can somebody do it quickly? Time's up.
Doesn't make a lot of difference does it? What we're going to talk
about tonight is going to make all the difference in the world -- the
book of Revelation.
What's the score in Super Bowl? Jim gave me about 4 scores that's up
here. I don't know, he doesn't know the score. Does anybody know the
score? It doesn't make any difference.
Hope you have your Bibles open to Revelation chapter number 17. We're
going to Took at the whole chapter tonight, and tt ts tadel-d
interesting. Revelation 17:1 to the end. Let's pray before we begin.
Father, there are many voices shouting for our time, our attention, our
presence in the world. We're thankful tonight that we have chosen to
hear your voice throuqh Thy word. Give us concentration, understanding
as we seek truth. May nothing distract us as we know this is that holy
moment for You to teach us, empower us, illumine us. Let me get out of
the way, so that Thy word may be heard, Thy truth may be imparted. For
we pray in Jesus Christ, in His name. Amen.
- 2 -

Revelation chapter 17 predicts a destruction of a vast system of
religion during the period of tribulation. In Revelation 16 we begin to
tal k Armageddon. And you would think that Revelation 17 and 18 would
pick up right where we left off and move us right on to the front lines
and we would be a part of the blood that would be shed, that would be up
3 or 4 feet deep that would stretc ...

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