by Dr. Ed Young

Philippians 4:6-9
Hope you'll open your Bibles with me, I invite you to, to Philippians,
chapter number 4. We'll consider this morning verses 6 through verse 9,
Philippians 4:6-9. Let's go to the Lord in prayer together.
Father, far too many of us have been running too fast, moving too
speedily, thinking at breath-neck speed, and we come here in this place
today seeking to slow down and feel Thy presence and to hear Thy voice.
You speak, oh Lord, through everything we do and say is our prayer in
the blessed, holy name of Jesus Christ. Amen.
A young country boy went out into the barnyard to play. He looked up on
the side of the barn and he saw there an old yoke. He was intrigued by
it, and so he reached up, and to his surprise he could lift it. And he
took it down and began to play and saw a little calf. And he put the
yoke around the calf and started to play with the yoke and the calf.
And the boy was having more fun than the calf.
And the boy decided he'd put his head in the other yoke, on the other
side, and he and the calf would move along together. When he did that,
the young calf let out a bellow and began to run madly through the
barnyard, the boy, holding on for dear life to keep from being
strangled. And then the kid began to shout, "Dad, Dad, Dad, come and
catch us. We're running away."
- z -

Now, think about that quaint, quaint story, and I believe it will remind
you as it did me, of how the world in which we live is trying to put us
into it's yoke. The world says, "Come and yoke up with me, and I will
give you freedom." That's a super word, isn't it? Freedom. I like the
sound of it. The world says, "Yoke up with me and I'll give you freedom
and pleasure and life and ever ...

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