by Dr. Ed Young


Revelation 6:9-17

Tonight we'll look at chapter 6, verse 9 through the end of the chapter,

and then just the first verse of chapter 8. Revelation 6:9 to the end,

and then the first verse of chapter 8 as we look at the final seals in

the first wrath of judgment that we've been observing.

Let's bow for prayer.

Father, we come to Thy house with a feeling of awe and anticipation.
Open, receptive, sometimes we enter lighthearted, sometimes we enter
burdened, sometimes we enter passively, sometimes we enter victoriously,
but with all kinds of emotions and moods, we come into Thy presence,
united in one accord, that we would hear Thy voice and understand Thy
word. Aiid Lord, a'lways, we ask that we"I'l ne-ve-r bFe the @@ bl-cause we
have gathered with our family here, and Thou hast dealt with us through
our pride, our sin, our indifference, our coldness, our unfriendliness,
the grudges that we hold, the bitternesses in our hearts. Father, we
come into Thy presence, seeking, asking that Thou wilt forgive us and
strengthen us and equip us so that yea, we will be everyday more and
more like Jesus Christ. Oh, Lord, You speak, let me get out of the way
so that Thy word and Thy message alone might be heard. For we make this
prayer always in the name of Him who is our entree to the throne, in the
name of Him who gets us through to Thee, oh Father, without exception,
we pray in Jesus' blessed and holy name. Amen.
- 2 -

If you just walked into church tonight, sorta casually, and you're not
ready for where most of us are, you are in trouble. I don't know how in
the world you can catch up unless you have something of a biblical
background, but I will try to ...

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