by Dr. Ed Young

Revelation 6:1-8

Let's go to the Lord in prayer together.

Our heavenly Father, steady us in this hour of worship. As Thou hast
opened the vail for the Apostle John on that isle of Patmos, we pray
that through Thy Holy Spirit Thou wilt inspire us in this hour. And let
us see the full scope of history, and thereby be better equipped for the
living of these days. Lord, You speak, let me get out of the way so
that Thy word and Thy holy and divine message might not only be heard,
most of us have heard a lot of sermons, but Lord may Thy word be
received and understood and incorporated into our lifestyles so that
we'll never be the same because Thou hast tabernacled among us and dealt
with us in a very personal fashion. For we pray through Jesus Christ,
our Lord. Amen.
Two ladies were walking down the street together, and they heard a
little voice saying, "HeTp me. HeTp me. HeTp me." One Tady stopped
and looked down and said, "That's a frog talking." And the voice said,
"Help me. Help me."
And she reached down and picked up that frog and he said, "Help me. I'm
not a frog. I'm really a Texas oilman. Kiss me. Please kiss me." The
lady looked at the frog and put it in her purse and kept walking down
the street.
- 2 -

Her companion said, "Why didn't you kiss him? He's really a Texas
Oi l man. "

She said, "In this day and time a talking frog's worth a whole lot more
than a Texas oilman."

I want you to think for a moment, how much you're worth. What is your
value? What is life all about? Someone would say, "I'm worth this and
that or something else." Are you really? What about 10 years from now?
How much will you be worth? Oh, let's make it exciting. Let's push it

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