by Dr. Ed Young

Revelation 5:1-14
It amazes me as we study the Bible, you can just go this step, you can
peel off a little more and go down a little deeper. You can take a
little more, and go down a little deeper. And when you get down to the
bottom, you rrcyttced Kow tt's @ compat-lbie w-ith tha-t, discovery you made
at the top. The marvel, the truth, the majesty, the validity, the power
of the word of God.
And so, we look tonight, as this vision continues. God on His throne.
And the theme of that fourth chapter is the throne of God and what took
place around that throne of God. And then we have in a sense a
transitional thing, though the setting is the same as we begin our study
in the fifth chapter. Look at it:

land I saw in the right hand of Him...

In the right hand of God. This would indicate the power of God, would
it not?

I... I saw in the right hand of God who sat on the throne a
book [it may say "scroll" in the King James and other
translations] written inside and on the back, sealed up with
seven seals.
- 2 -

Now, what- is t-bi& liciolk? What is this scroll? Actually, it's not a book

in the sense that we think about a book, but it would be a scroll. It

would be made from ... from the reed. It would be very expensive. There

would be very few of them. And they had a scroll there. And here is

God, in His right hand He has a scroll. And we know that in this scroll

you have seven seals.

Now, the word about the seven seals tells us what that scroll was. You
know what it was? It was the title deed to this world. Because in the
Roman world when you would write out your will, you would put in ...

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