by Dr. Ed Young


Revelation 1:1-8

Revelation always scares folk. I understand that. It scares me. Not
to interpret it, though there are many interpretations of various
passages. Not to understand it, because it's basic truth is exactly
that: it is basic and it is truth.
But it is frightening to see how it encompasses all of history and after
we get over an initial reticence and a fear that, "Well this is too
complicated to me," we realize it is one of the great, great books in
all the Bible. It is the climatic book of the canon. We have Genesis
is a book of beginning. Revelation is a book of ending.
Now, if you have a concept of history that history is thesis,
antithesis, synthesis, thesis, antithesis, synthesis, and history goes
over and over and over again. And you run around and hear people say,
"All of history repeats itself. It is a cycl...circular kind of thing."
That simply is not true.
Revelation tells us there will be a beautiful, fabulous, God-ordained,
God-planned, God-predicted ending to history. History doesn't just go
on and on. There is an end of history and the end of history is in the
hand of almighty God. And Revelation gives us a look into the truth,
into the events and into what will take place during those last days.
- 2 -

Now, Revelation is not a mystery, it is a revelation. The word
llrevelation" means to unfold. It means to reveal . It means to make
known. So Revelation was meant to be read in that day in which it was
written. And it was meant to be read today with understanding.

Now, that is not true of all the books of the Bible. Did you know that?
There were books in the Bible that were written that were n ...

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