by Dr. Ed Young


Revelation 1:17

Let's pray together.

Our heavenly Father, it's a thrill and joy to be in Thy house always to
worship Thee. We thank You for the warmth, for the spontaneity, for the
privilege of being a part of what You're a part in the world. Now, oh,
Father, I pray that You will speak and let me get out of the way so that
Thy Word, and Thy holy and divine message might not only be heard --
most of us have heard a lot of sermons -- but may it be received and
understood and incorporated into our lifestyles so that truly because of
Thy g,-a-,e and beca-.,@e of Thy touch, we'll never bp- the- C-amp-,. because You
have tabernacled among us in this place at this time. We make this
prayer through Jesus Christ. Amen.
The last word of the Lord to the church is not the great commission.
The great comission is our program and our plan to the end of the age.
But the last word of our Lord to the church is the word of our
resurrected Lord that He delivered to the churches of Revelation, and
that word is "repent." To five out of the seven churches in Revelation,
the resurrected Jesus said, "Repent." And I have a feeling if our Lord
today would look at the churches of the world, that would be His same
message in this hour. I think today if our Lord would stand in the
pulpit of our churches, that Sunday after Sunday He would say to you,
and He would say to me, that same word -- "repent. Repent."
- 2 -

And as we study the seven churches in Revelation that we read about in
chapter 2 and chapter 3, we need to understand that these were
historical churches. They existed there in Asia Minor. They were the
prominent churches in that region, that strategic region of the world.
Also, I believe ...

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