by Dr. Ed Young


Isaiah 22:8-11

Boy, I took a great nap this afternoon. It was wonderful. I went to
sleep about two o'clock. The next thing I knew it was about quarter to
five. That's a long nap, isn't it? How many took a nap this afternoon?
Ahh (laughter), seems like morning, doesn't it? That's great. How many
did not take a nap this afternoon. Shame, shame. With that rain
falling, I'm glad anybody showed up tonight. I guess the rest of them
are still asleep. I, I can't blame them. It, it's a wonderful thing.
This is one of the low Sundays of all the year, and we're just grateful
you came here tonight, and, uh, for the services this morning. We're
going to have a good time in the house of the Lord.
I thought that Mr. Moore and the musical presentation of praise tonight
was just tremendous. Didn't you enjoy just the warmth an' everything we
did. That I really did.
And Charlotte's testimony, being a PK -- preacher's kid. I can, uh, my
children can identify with that. A friend of mine told me, and we're
reminded of this, next Sunday we're going to have our special worship.
Is that right? The four and five year olds begin, is i-t next Sunday?
Or the Sunday after? Next Sunday. Next Sunday you know we're moving
twelve hundred people roughly out of our ten o'clock worship service.
Tw@-lvp- hiin-dred folk-s- That ought to empty the top balcony so we can
have some room for some more folks to come. See, we've been full this
- 2 -

summer. And if we're full this summer, look out September. An, uh ,
it's like, uh, summer's now, but fall Is coming, you know, that kinda
deal. So we're going to take about twelve hundred out of here, so next
Sunday we are going to have a special worship for the ...

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