by Dr. Ed Young

II Corinthians 12:14
I remember reading about uh sweet Daddy Grace in another generation had
the congregation do this and said everybody hold up in their hand
something green and ... and ... and don't... keep your head down, your eyes
closed, he had his ushers pass through the congregation and flipped all
those green bills out of everybody's hand. Just chooo. He put them all
in the basket in the front and he said, "Now, you may not have intended
to give that but you did but if you want it back, would you come up now
and get it. And, uh, nobody did and he took up a big offering. Now,
weire not going to do that but I want you to bow your head and close
your eyes, every head bowed, every eye closed because I want to ask a
personal question and ... and I want to be the only one who sees the
answer to it as far as you're concerned.
I want you to think about the home you were reared in. The home you
were reared in. With no one looking but myself, I wonder how may of you
can truthfully say of the home you were reared in that there was genuine
love between your mother and father and genuine love for you as a son or
daughter in that home. Now think about it. In the home you were reared
in, was there genuine love between your father and mother and genuine
love for you by your parents. If so, no one looking but me -- do not
look but me, I'm going to give a report on the results. Would you lift
your hand? Hands down.
- 2 -

Alright, you can look. Someone who is not experienced with an audience
would say that was a lot of people. I would say maybe 50 or 60 percent
lifted your hands which is about normal. 50 or 60 percent of those
present ...

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