by Dr. Ed Young


Genesis 2:1-25

We have young Associate Deacons, they're the only ones that get back
down to the front fast enough. I would like to make an announcement.
This morning we lost two offering plates, we really did. If you find
them please return them or we'll estimate the amount that was supposed
to be in there. We've got two Deacons held hostage back here that lost
them. And so if you wilfes would like them back, you can call for them
after the service.
We have been dealing with marriage and the family for several weeks and
we'll continually deal with marriage and the family for weeks to come.
This morning we talked about the affair and we asked the question,
"Why?" Tonight, we'll talk about what do you do in recovering the
marriage after the affair. Next Sunday night we'll talk about preventa-
tive medicine -- how to make your marriage affair-proof. If you say,
"That's not relevant to me," you're not only misinformed, I think you're
stupid. Because in the world in which we live, many things are leading
to the breakdown of marriage and the family and the home; but, nothing
like adultery. I believe that satan is using this particular sin to do
more da-mage itT Amer-tca titan arty o-th@r- singie s-in ailyone can name.
Because it's leading so many times to the destruction of the marriage.
David was found out about; he was caught. He confessed to Nathan,
guilty of the sin of adultery. A master coverup that lasted over a
- 2 -

year, all the guilt that went with it. And then we see David trying to
come out of the guilt and be begins by confessing his sin to God as well
as to the nation; as well , as I am sure, to the offended ...

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