by Dr. Ed Young


II Samuel 11:1-4

I'm delighted that all the brave showed up tonight. Someone commented
about the little PR that our media people put out this morning on the
screens. The sermon title tonight was, "A Rooftop Affair" and it said
at the bottom, "Come join the excitement." We've got so many new
gizmos, we don't know what all we're saying sometime. We're glad you're
here. I trust you brought your Bible with you. If you have your Bible,
would you hold it up? Just hold it up in the air just a moment. My
goodness! If you didn't bring it, look in the pew. And there'll be a
Bible there, not to keep, you need to put it back in the pew. But, uh,
you'll find there a Bible so you can turn along with us and the scrip-
tures will be relevant to you.
Our, uh, problem tonight is in the Bible. You have a King James version
and here in my Bible, will be a Living Bible tonight; it is not a
translation, it is a paraphrase. So, that's a little different. Open
your Bibles, if you would to II Samuel, chapter number 11.
1 In the spring of the following year, at the time when wars
begin, David sent Joab and the Israeli army to destroy the
Ammonites. They began by laying siege to the city of
Rabbah. But David stayed in Jerusalem.
2 One night he couldn't get to sleep and went for a stroll
on the roof of the palace. [And] As he looked out over the
- 2 -

city, he noticed a woman of unusual beauty taking her

evening bath.

Let's pray together. Father, thy word is candid and straightforward.
May we understand it in that way and give us the ability to take thy
truth and to incorporate this truth, thy truth into o ...

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