by Dr. Ed Young

H. Edwin Young
Genesis 2:1-18

The choir's special this morning fits exactly with our
topic. Because I have a very personal question to ask
every person here. First of all the men: Do you fight
with your wife? The ladies: Do you quarrel with your
husband? Sometimes does the conflict erupt to the door
slamming, dish throwing stage? Huh? If so,
congratulations. You are absolutely normal in your
marital relationship.

A counselor asked a couple what they had in common and
she said, "One thing. Neither one of us can stand the

John Milton's wife was once referred to as a rose and
the unhappily married poet said, "It may well be,
because I feel her thorns daily."

John Wesley tells about preaching in church and his
wife would sit back there and all the time he was
preaching she'd make faces at him. Now, I've
experienced that. That's the truth. I noticed years
ago just almost every Sunday I would see Jo Beth and
she'd be making a face while I'd preach and I'd preach
over here and look at her and she'd be making a face.
And I thought I'd say nothing about it until finally
it really got to bugging me. I would look and she'd
always be making a face and I'd say, well, why are you
doing that? What am I doing? What did I say? What did
I mispronounce? Uh, you know, what's wrong ... and she
said, "nothing." I said every time I look at you
you're like this. She went to the doctor and got
glasses. True. And now contacts, you know. And she
doesn't frown except when I mess up so, you know, I
can keep up now.

But in all marriages, we know there are conflicts. In
fact, Mr. Gallup did a poll some years ago and said 4
out of 5 couples admit to having marital difficulty.
And the pollster speculated about the fifth couple and
said either one may crush the other one during their
courtship or they were still on their honeymoon, or
they were experiencing or had experienced a ...

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