by Dr. Ed Young

H. Edwin Young
Song of Solomon 1:8-11

I'm speaking on marriage and romance tonight. And you
can see how closely we work together with the choir as
they got through singing, "It is finished." For a lot
of marriages, they would say exactly that, it is
finished. Because somewhere between the oldest child's
first tooth and the youngest child's graduation, they
would say, "We lost it. It's not there anymore." And
we asked the question, "What happened?" And they
describe a wall, a barrier that has been built. The
wall is made out of bricks. Bricks that have
accumulated from bad experience after bad experience
through the years. The bricks are held together with
mortar of indifference and therefore family after
family, couple after couple, say, "It is finished."
There's nothing there anymore. They talk about the end
of love.

Let's ask the question, "Can love be reborn?" Once
love dies, can it be resurrected again? We have to go
back and remember some of the things that go into
courtship, into those moments when we first fell in
love. There is feeling, that's the first part of it,
isn't it? Anybody want to debate with that? Feeling.
That's where it begins. And then it moves to sharing
in marriage and then it moves to serving. And that
involves us into the very highest forms of love. But
when loves dies, or at least we think it dies, we
believe it dies, we have to go back to the very
beginning and talk about those feelings. And when you
talk about feelings, you have to talk about romance.

Do you like that word, romance? I like it. It sounds
good to me. Romance, romance, romance. Now, a lot of
people have the idea that as a husband and wife live
together through the years the romance matures, but
really the romance wains. Now, I personally don't buy
that for a second. I think it's a myth, but I'll tell
you somthing,. I don't know anyone, even those who say
romance declines th ...

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