by Dr. Ed Young

Transcribed from Actual Tape June 15, 1986 AM



Ephesians 2:19-22

Years ago in the Christian Herald, a salesman told a story that went
something like this. A man was forced to travel in the Cumberland
Mountains and he said it was so far away from the Railroad, some 50
miles, that he had to hire a team of horses to get him there. They were
traveling over a bumpy road and he told this story.
He said, "We came over the top of a knoll and the driver of the team
nudged me and said, 'Look at that village, look in the center of the
village and you will see the prettiest church I've ever seen."' And the
man said they stopped the buggy and looked and he said sure enough.
There was a picturesque church that just spoke of grace and beauty.
Then he said they didn't speak as they went down the mountains and they
got in the village and the man went to the parsonage that was next door
to the church and knocked on the dbor and a ta'lli mouptai.n prear-hp-r came
out. Strong and rugged. And the salesman said, "Parson, I'd love to
see your church." The big preacher said, "Certainly, mister." And he
reached over and got his old black felt hat and put it on and walked
outside and he said we just stood out there and looked at it. He said
it was prettier up close than it had been from a distance. Ah, the
symmetry, the carpentry, the masonry, it was absolutely fabulous. Then
the preacher said, "You know, we learned a lot of lessons building that
church. We did all the work ourselves, we cut down the timber. We went
- 2 -

out and we quarried the stone. We put it all in place. He said, "You
know, a lot of the rocks, the stones, that had ...

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