by Dr. Ed Young

Worthy is the Lamb
Dr. Ed Young
Revelation 5:1-12

I hope you have your Bibles open to the book of Revelation. I read some selected verses from Revelation 5. By way of introduction, let me state to you the reason for our subject of the morning. Next Sunday morning we will go into our new Sanctuary in our new facilities. This is a product of some 6 years of planning. 3 years practically of breaking ground and building and fund raising which almost all of us have learned a new meaning of not equal gifts but equal sacrifice. When we go in the Sanctuary new Sunday morning at 10:00, worship is at 10. Sunday School, quarter 'til 9, Sunday School, 11:11. Worship will be at 10. Bible Study on either side. When we go in, you will see a dome over the chancel area and it will represent the Bible. A monogram of every book of the Bible is in that dome. The concept being that God speaks through His word. And standing in the pulpit over there to my right and to your left will be the creation window and tb-ere will be the 7 days of creation and you'll see outside of the garden the sword there, the angel keeping Adam and Eve after the fall, out of the garden. And you will see there a lamb, a lamb represented when God killed an animal and took off the fig leaves of Adam and Eve and put on the skin of an animal before they left the garden; the skin providing a covering for their sin. Then you look right behind the pulpit area, the chancel area, and you'll see the baptistery and over the baptistery there is a window that depicts the empty tomb. And you see light coming out of the tomb. And you see the cross of Calvary standing over on the mount and you see looking up at the cross a lamb, a little lamb. Then you look to your right and to my left in the new Sanctuary and you see there the new Jerusalem window. It is a picture of heaven. Underneath the windows, you can literally see the fires of hell. Going on either side into the entrances to the kingdom, you see lite ...

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